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Boilers, Furnaces, Heating Equipment (gas, oil, electric)


Privair Mechanical provides servicing to all makes and models of gas, oil & electric Hot Water Heaters, Boilers, Furnaces, and Direct/Indirect Fired heating equipment, from 1 Hp to 500 Hp heating capacities.

Privair Mechanical does quality servicing of Heating Equipment on Domestic Hot Water, Primary Heating, Secondary Heating, and Hydronic Glycol Loops.

We also service ancillary equipment such as pumps, flow switches, thermometers, pressure guages, automatied 3-way valves, low water cut-offs, triple duty valves, pressure reducing valves, circuit balancing valves, cushion tanks, shell & tube and plate heat exchangers.



Privair will maintain complete boiler room heating plants and all ancillary equipment. Hot Water Heaters + Boilers utilizing atmospheric burners to power burners. We will inspect and report on chimneys, flue venting, gas piping, regulators, isolation valves, combustion & dilution air openings for proper combustion and safety.

We will analyse with a digitial flue gas analyser all products of combustion to ensure the most efficient fuel/air gas ratio. Privair will check for carbon monoxide and sulpher dioxide in parts per million to minimize your heating units environmental foot print and ensure your equipment is running safely with no Carbon Monoxide emissions.

Privair will dismantle and thorougly clean your combustion chambers, heat exchangers and venting. We will report and make recommendations on the condition, life expectancy and appropriate set points of heating equipment.



Privair Mechanical will Engineer & retrofit part of or all of your boiler room heating plant to new high efficiency boilers. We will offer suggestions on improving the effiency of your heating plants by changing piping, adding Plate or Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers and new efficient pumps.

By intigrating new technology such as variable frequency drives on pump sets, injection type systems and stand-alone automated controls to complete boiler plant automation, we can deminish your energy costs to maximize your savings and optimize comfort level through precise control of temperature set points.

Privair Mechancial can work with your building to capitalize on Federal/Provincial Government Grants as well as Enbridge Gas Distribution Incentives.

We can supply and install all makes and models of natural gas, propane, oil and electric fired heating equipment from 1 Hp to 500 Hp heating capacities.